San Diego Custom Blinds

San Diego custom Blinds

If you just bought a new home, or you feel that your abode needs a new look, consider getting San Diego Custom Blinds from Q Blinds.  With just a simple phone call, you can easily upgrade the look and feel of your home.  New window treatments like custom blinds are a perfect choice for Southern California homeowners because they are easy to clean, versatile, and affordable.

Blinds have slats (called louvers) which can go up-and-down (vertical) or side-to-side (horizontal).  Either way, they can be customized to your needs. The slats can be of different widths and colors. By choosing the orientation, width, and color of the blinds you can really make them your own.

If you are not sure what works best for your space, let the experts help you.  With years of experience in custom window treatments, our specialists can help you design the perfect blinds for every room in your house.  Q Blinds uses quality materials at the best prices so you can be assured of top quality blinds that will last for years.

Custom Blinds Look Best Because They Fit Perfectly

As you might expect, the best-looking blinds are the ones that are custom made to fit your window. At Q Blinds, our expert associate will go to your house and measure the window dimensions and ensure that the blinds will be cut exactly for your windows. Having blinds that fit perfectly is a luxury that you and your friends will notice and appreciate.

Professional Installation of Custom Blinds

One of the most important aspects of installing blinds is that they need to be installed straight and level. The professional window blind installers from Q Blinds are skilled and can install blinds perfectly even if you have less-than-perfect floors, ceilings, and window frames.

Blinds can be installed in two ways: inside-mount or outside-mount.

  • Outside-mounts allow for coverage beyond the window frame and make the window look bigger.
  • Inside-mounts take up less space and give the room a more trim and tidy appearance, these are more tricky to install-efficient and they give your room a more trim or clean appearance.

For more information on San Diego custom blinds, please contact the craftsmen at Q Blinds for a no-obligation, free in-home consultation: (844) 776-5884.