San Diego Custom Shades

San Diego custom shades

Q Blinds is pleased to offer San Diego Custom Shades for homeowners who want beautiful and functional window treatments. Custom shades are a great addition to your home decor because they are affordable and versatile – there are many styles, textures, and colors of shades.  With expert installation services, your rooms will be transformed to showcase the best of Southern California living.

Types of Window Shades

With over 10 types of shades available in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials, homeowners have a wide selection to choose from!

Roller Shades: These shades have been around a long time and have withstood the test of time.  Fabric is rolled around a hollow tube. Pull the fabric down to get more privacy; roll the fabric up to get more sun.  Rollers can be spring-loaded or have a bead-and-reel mechanism.

Pleated Shades: These shades are simple to operate and easy on the eyes.  The fabric is pleated like an accordion or a hand-held fan. Pull the shades down for privacy – the pleated pattern is quite pleasing.  Raise the shade up for more light – the pleats stack nicely at the top of the window.

Honeycomb (Cellular) Shades: These shades are made by joining two or more fabrics together to form honeycomb-like “cells”. The cells trap air so the shades also serve as insulation against outside heat/cold. Honeycomb cell shades can be vertical (for patio doors) or horizontal (for windows).  They can be single-cell, double-cell, or triple-cell shades

Roman Shades This type of shade is arguable the most elegant type.  When they are closed, the shade looks like a section of fabric. But if you raise the shade, the fabric folds upon itself to form evenly-spaced ribbed structures.  For Soft Fold (Hobbled) Roman Shades, the fabric is already folded into loops even when they are in the pulled-down position.

Other types of window shades include balloon shades, tie-up shades, pleated shades, sheer shades, bamboo shades, skylight shades, solar shades, outdoor shades, and more.  The above shades can be made “cordless” or motorized.  Overwhelmed with the multitude of options?  Contact Q Blinds for more information on San Diego Custom Shades. We offer free, in-house consultation: (844) 776-5884.