San Diego Roller Shades

San Diego roller shades

Q Blinds offers San Diego roller shades installation services for homeowners who want to simplify the appearance of their rooms. Roller shades are window coverings where the fabric is rolled around a hollow tube. When you want privacy, you pull the fabric down and cover the window. When you want more light, you tug on the fabric and it will retract and roll itself back onto the tube.

Roller shades have been around since the 1700’s. In fact, it was probably the first type of window treatment invented (aside from stained glass). In its infancy, roller shades were hand-rolled and awkwardly tied to keep them up. In the mid 1850’s, the spring mechanism was invented and since then roller shades continued to evolve to meet today’s needs.

Roller Shade Innovations

Bead and Reel Shades allow homeowners to adjust the shades by pulling on a beaded cord. No more spring loaded shades which can sometimes be tricky to use.

Bottom-Up Roller Shades are designed so the shades roll down from the top of a window to bring in light, but the bottom half of the window remains covered for privacy.

Skylight Roller Shades: allow skylights to be covered so as to limit the amount of light entering from the ceiling. They are essential for rooms that are too bright or too hot.

Motorization allows users to adjust shades with a remote control, a smartphone, or a smart home device.  Convenient and easy especially for hard-to-reach windows.

Fabrics, Materials, Colors, & Patterns are now plentiful. Roller shades can be translucent, light filtering, or black-out. Shades come in a variety of colors though people are tending towards solid, neutral colors.

For more information on San Diego roller shades or any type of window treatment, please contact Q Blinds. We offer free, in-house consultation: (844) 776-5884.