San Diego Roman Shades

San Diego roman shades

If you love the soft look of fabric, yet want the structured look of blinds, then San Diego Roman Shades are perfect for you.

Roman shades are window coverings that block out the sun and provide privacy. When the shades are down, they look like a smooth piece of fabric. However, by pulling on cords the fabric will fold itself into orderly pleats and layers.

The term “Roman” shades come from the fact that the ancient Romans used fabric to cover gathering places like the Coliseum. As the day progressed and the sun moved, the fabric is manipulated with a series of ropes and pulleys.  Modern Roman Shades do not use the extensive pulley system found in ancient Rome.

Styles of Roman Shades

Modern Roman Shades come in a number of styles but there are two popular formats: the soft (or hobbled) Fold, and the flat fold:

Soft Fold (Hobbled) Roman Shades are very elegant. When in the shades are in the down position, the fabric is already in loops that look like soft ruffles. When you pull the cord and raise the shade, the folds keep their shape and simply stacks itself at the top of the window like a valance. The loops of the fabric make the shade thick and give the room more privacy. Soft Fold Roman shades can be quite thick and work best with windows with depth.

The Flat Fold Roman Shades is less formal in appearance. When in the down position, the fabric is flat with no pleats or folds. When you pull the cord, the fabric cinches from the bottom up. This type of Roman shade is perfect when you want to display a pattern on the fabric. This shade is also thinner so it is better suited for a window with a narrow frame.

In addition to the Soft and Flat Roman shades, there are more styles including European and Custom made shades. Please contact Q Blinds to learn more about San Diego Roman Shades. (844) 776-5884.