San Diego Shutters

San Diego shutters

Are shutters better than blinds? Are they worth the price? When it comes to functionality, blinds and shutters are quite similar. Both types of window treatments have slats (also called louvers) which you can tilt to adjust the amount of light entering a room. The main differences between shutters and blinds are:
1. the look they give to a room,
2. what they are made of, and
3. how they are installed.

Appearance: In general, shutters tend to be white or off-white in color, or they are stained to enhance their natural wooden hues. Shutters work well with traditional decor and they give a room a classic feel. In contrast, blinds have a  contemporary or modern appearance. Blinds can be almost any color and they give a room a fresh and light touch. That being said, there is no reason why you cannot paint your shutters any color you choose or have faux-wood blinds.

Material: Shutters are often made of wood, they are heavier and more sturdily built – they look and feel ‘solid’. Blinds, on the other hand, are often made with synthetic materials that are lighter in weight and have a softer appearance.

Installation: Because shutters are relatively heavy, they are installed directedly onto the frame of the window. This makes them even more substantial in their appearance. Blinds are light enough that they can be installed above the window (outer mount) or along the upper recess of the window (inner mount).
As well, blind slats are tilted by pulling a cord or twisting a wand. For shutters, the wood is too heavy to be manipulated in that manner. Instead, a tilt rod is attached to the slats – moving the tilt rod moves all the slats at once.

Shutters or Blinds, Which are Better?

When it comes to home improvement, one must always consider the price of the project vs the final results. Blinds are affordable and a person can change a set of blinds easily and without too much consideration or regret. Shutters are more expensive so you should not plan on “switching out” shutters frequently; they are like furniture- they will be with you for years to come.

Shutters add value to your home because they become an integral part of the house.  Shutters last longer, they are low maintenance, and they add beauty to your home.

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