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Enhance your home with the convenience and style of motorized blinds from QBlinds in San Diego. Our motorized blinds offer effortless control with the push of a button, allowing you to adjust light and privacy with ease.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, these blinds seamlessly integrate with your home’s décor while providing energy efficiency and UV protection. As a proud local business, QBlinds ensures expert installation and personalized service tailored to the needs of San Diego residents. Choose QBlinds for the ultimate in modern, convenient, and stylish window treatments.

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*Lutron Homework QS,QSX, Radio Ra II, and Caséta certified programmers


Save on your energy costs with shade automation and have your shades extend during the hottest part of the day.


Convenient for those hard-to-reach windows, motorized blinds eliminate the unsightly cord and gives you full control of shade operation.


Keep wandering eyes out of your home and relax in privacy with motorized shade options.


Furniture and flooring are a big investment. Protect fabrics and materials from UV fading with sun sensor options.


Imagine a world where managing your home environment is as simple as a single touch. With Integrated solutions, you will have complete control of your home settings with a cutting-edge operation panel. Orchestrate elegant shades to captivating lighting and immersive music – everything harmonizes effortlessly to create the perfect ambiance.
Why settle for ordinary when you can empower your home with extraordinary capabilities? Our integrated solutions transcend traditional setups, putting unparalleled authority right in your hands. It’s not just an investment; it’s an evolution towards a smarter, more convenient lifestyle. Elevate your living experience and embrace the future of home management.


When it comes to control, local controllers stand as the tried-and-true solution, seamlessly blending functionality with ease of use. These controllers are thoughtfully positioned, often mounted as wall switches, or strategically placed remote controllers, conveniently accessible from common areas.
Local controllers are designed for intuitive use by everyone, boasting a user-friendly interface for effortless command regardless of technical expertise. These reliable controllers perform consistently without WiFi dependency, powered by batteries for constant readiness. Whether you prioritize practicality, dependability, or seamless interaction, local controllers are the perfect choice.
Leverage sensors to create a shading system that anticipates your needs and responds with precision tailored schedules for your indoor and outdoor motorized shades. Heat sensors can trigger exterior awnings to extend to shade your patio space. The morning sunrise can cue indoor shades to retract to let natural light in. Schedules can also be set to change with the seasons.
Elevate your shading project by utilizing sensors to create a fully automated shading system. 


Shades can be operated using a tool you leverage every day – your cell phone! Unlike Local controllers, you can operate your shades no matter where you are. WiFi connection allows you to remotely connect with your motorized shades at home, allowing you the luxury of extending and retracting shades even when you’re not at home. Convenient for when you are traveling, this accessibility can give passersby the impression that you are home, increasing security.


We recognize that the finishing touches are paramount.

Q Blinds was founded as a fulfillment company with a fundamental commitment to providing unparalleled installation services. We recognize that the finishing touches are paramount. Therefore, we meticulously ensure that every element is aligned, anchored, level, and accurate. Additionally, we verify the seamless operation of each shade and ensure the proper connection of any automation controls. Our attention to detail extends further as we meticulously clean and wipe down any surface we touch, leaving no debris behind.