Solar Screens

Outdoor patio dining area with furniture and tiled floor.

Upgrade your home with high-quality solar screens from QBlinds, your trusted local provider in San Diego. Our custom-fit solar screens offer superior UV protection, reduce glare, and enhance energy efficiency by lowering indoor temperatures and cooling costs.

Enjoy increased privacy without compromising your view, thanks to our variety of colors and styles. As a proud local business, we understand the unique needs of San Diego residents and provide expert installation and personalized service to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction. Choose QBlinds San Diego for the best in solar screen solutions today!

Improve Comfort and Efficiency with QBlinds Solar Screens

Why Choose QBlinds?

1. Superior UV Protection Our solar screens block up to 90% of harmful UV rays, protecting your furniture and flooring from fading.

2. Energy Efficiency By reducing heat gain, our solar screens help lower your cooling costs and improve indoor comfort.

3. Enhanced Privacy Enjoy increased privacy without compromising your view, as our solar screens offer daytime privacy while allowing natural light to filter through.

4. Custom Fit and Design Choose from a variety of colors and styles to match your home’s exterior. Our screens are custom-made to fit your windows perfectly.

5. Professional Installation Our experienced technicians ensure precise installation for maximum effectiveness and longevity. We are local and serve the greater San Diego area.


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